An Update from TTM’s Data Division

Hope this message finds you safe and well!

It has been an incredible few weeks, and a time during which we have seen unprecedented change in all parts of society. From the way (and where) we work to the way we interact with others and make decisions.

It’s not surprising to find that this has also impacted the way that we move around, from a walk to the local shops to overseas travel, we have never seen disruption like this. Traffic patterns are changing daily and there is no typical anymore.

You may be wondering what a Traffic Data division does during these times…

Firstly, we have been through a reasonably busy period managing to squeeze in a bunch of surveys between catastrophic bushfires, torrential rains and the dramatic escalation of COVID-19. So we are currently processing data from this period for the next few weeks.

Secondly, we have also been working on updating our safety systems in order to undertake surveys in line with the current regulations and advice from medical experts. This has meant the indefinite postponement of certain types of surveys, whilst others can safely continue with some changes. Specifically drone-based surveys and single-person deployed ground-based camera surveys can proceed.

We are in a unique position to be able to conduct surveys using unmanned cameras and automated processing, thereby maintaining social distancing and keeping everyone safe.

Last of all we have been planning to undertake some research-based surveys in the coming weeks on a range of environments, from bikeways to arterial roads which will enable us to look back on this data and later assess how everyone responded.

We are planning to undertake video surveys across Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne.

If there are any suggestions on roads or other areas that anyone would like to capture some data we would be happy to hear them.

Written by David Barnes, Director