Redefining the possibilities with IoT Connected Survey Cameras

Simon Pender, Consultant - Data

In an era of fast-changing technology, TTM is always looking for ways to meet our clients needs for depth and breadth of data.

Working on projects with our peers in the Traffic Engineering and Transport Planning profession has always been based on quality and transparency. With our partners at Miovision leading the way with adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT), we are now able to integrate more than ever with our clients and data for their projects.

TTM has recently upgraded our fleet of 100+ Scout cameras with the Connected Adapter, which has redefined what is possible with our surveys by connecting us remotely with all of our cameras via a cloud-based platform.

The new technology enables:

  • Remote monitoring through a scheduled ‘heartbeat’ sent from each camera
  • Locate each camera at any time via GPS signal
  • View the camera screen to ensure it is seeing what we want it to see
  • Remote adjustment of survey schedule (i.e. Extend the survey for an additional day if required)
  • Record the MAC address of passing vehicles / cyclists through WI-FI enabled devices
  • Generate Travel Time and Origin-Destination reports from MAC address data within minutes of completion of the survey

These capabilities add significant value to survey activities undertaken by TTM and have already been deployed to significant corridor studies across our offices.

To find out more about how TTM can add value to your traffic studies, come and see us at booth 22 at the upcoming AITPM National Conference in Melbourne.