Car Share

Richard Watson - Director

Recently I met with Josh Brydges, Locations and Transportation Planner for GoGet to discuss how their car share operations might be able to be implemented within private developments in Brisbane.

In Brisbane their share cars are normally parked in commercial car parks, including two in the Cathedral Square car park close to the TTM office, which we use on occasion.  However, both GoGet and TTM believe there are future opportunities to accommodate these vehicles within private residential or commercial developments.

The main potential benefit to the developer is that authorities may permit a reduction in onsite parking provision, if share cars are provided for use by tenants in a residential building or staff within a commercial development.  Discussions between GoGet, Brisbane City Council and other SEQ councils are ongoing in this regard.

Josh noted that in parts of New South Wales replacement of between 10 and 20 residential tenant cars by a single share car had been permitted in different situations.  By comparison Gold Coast City Council allow for a relaxation of 5 parking spaces for one car share space (ie a net reduction of 4 spaces), if a car share scheme is provided within its Transport Hub area, whilst City of Sydney require a minimum of 1 car share space per 40 standard parking spaces, indicating a significant variation in requirements / allowances around the country.

Josh also said that GoGet will consider almost any location within the urban footprint as a potential site for their vehicles, and furthermore that if the cars are available for use by the general public (not just residents/staff of the building they are parked in) the supply of vehicles and supporting infrastructure will normally be provided by GoGet at no expense to the developer.

The advantages to the broader community include the encouragement of alternative transport modes (apart from when a car is absolutely necessary), more efficient use of the ever reducing supply of land, and provision of an alternative (and cheaper) residential product, marketed without a parking space, but with access to a share car.

Whilst car share services like GoGet are unlikely to fully replace private vehicles in the foreseeable future, they do have a useful part to play in providing a more sustainable transport solution. Hopefully discussions with local councils will be fruitful, and we will see more of this type of service in private developments in the near future.