Why you need to engage a waste consultant

Emma Atkins

We often get asked “what does a waste consultant do? And “Do I need one for my development application or building redesign?”. The answer is our advice and waste management plans aim to provide waste solutions, whilst also helping to:

  • minimize space required for waste handling;
  • maximise GFA;
  • satisfy Council Planning Scheme requirements;
  • significantly reduce waste management costs for existing developments;
  • consider the associated workplace health and safety issues; and
  • ensure that noise, odour and vermin nuisances are mitigated and visual amenity is maintained.

Our waste team at TTM has extensive technical knowledge of:

  • waste collection vehicles and their access requirements;
  • waste technologies;
  • market availability of bins, equipment and contractors;
  • thorough policy interpretation and negotiation skills when it comes to Council planning scheme requirements; and
  • additionally, we do not manufacture or sell equipment, we provide advice and options on the right equipment to suit your project without prejudice.

When you engage TTM’s Waste Consultants, your project will not only comply with Council requisites, but will also have industry best practice waste management processes and equipment. We meet regularly with government assessing officers to discuss projects and policy interpretation, saving our clients valuable time and reducing RFI responses.

Engaging a waste consultant early will not only save you time, but also money in the concept design phase, right throughout until project construction. Early interaction will give your project team a better understanding of the spatial requirements for bin storage and servicing, and the various intricacies of waste management.