Yeerongpilly Green – A showcase of TTM’s capabilities

“TTM Consulting’s unique blend of services played a pivotal role in the planning and approval process for the Yeerongpilly Green urban renewal project. TTM’s rapport with the consulting team as well as the authorities ensured brilliant outcomes in relation to traffic, waste management and acoustics.” – Don O’Rorke, Chairman Consolidated Properties


Yeerongpilly Green is a $850M urban renewal project being undertaken by Consolidate Properties Group. The project, which will be developed over 10 years, spans 14ha between the Brisbane River, The State Tennis Centre and the Yeerongpilly Train Station. Consolidated Properties master plan for the precinct features a mix of retail, office and residential apartments as well as 1ha of parkland and community facilities.

TTM were engaged by Consolidated Properties to provide a wide range of services for this exciting project which allowed TTM to showcase its extensive experience and expertise in the development industry. The array of services provided are summarised:


Traffic Planning and analysis

TTM were required to undertake detailed traffic analysis of the major intersections on a stage by stage basis to justify the extent of development proposed for the precinct.

The urban design objectives for the precinct were focused on maximising landscaping whilst minimising road space. TTM were therefore required to propose and negotiate performance outcomes for the road design that satisfied these urban design objectives whilst ensuring safe and efficient movement of cars, bikes, pedestrians and service vehicles throughout the precinct.

The analysis and design solutions were documented in a detailed report submitted with the application to Brisbane City Council for the proposed master plan.

Subsequent to the master plan approval TTM have prepared reports for the various development applications lodged for the individual sites, including the commercial office building to be tenanted by Catholic Education and also the first stages of the residential apartments.


Road Safety Audit

Due to the bespoke landscape and road network outcomes proposed for the site, TTM were required to undertake road safety audits to support the performance outcomes. A detailed review of sight lines based on the proposed road geometry and landscaping were undertaken to justify the proposed master plan.


Waste Management Strategy

To minimise the refuse facilities on each individual site within the precinct, TTM prepared a waste management strategy that proposed a centralised waste facility to service a majority of the uses within the site. Detailed planning of the centralise facility was required to minimise spatial requirements. Due to the uniqueness of this proposal detailed negotiations were required with Brisbane City Council WaRRS.


Traffic Signal Design

TTM were also engaged to prepare detailed designs for the modifications to the traffic signals at the intersection of Fairfield Road / King Arthur Terrace and the new intersection of King Arthur Terrace / Main Street.


Construction Traffic Management

With the surrounding precinct already occupied by office and residential development and the State Tennis Centre, detailed planning was required in relations to the staging of road construction. TTM were required to prepare Construction Traffic Management Plans that considered the accessibility of the surrounding catchment, whilst minimising construction timeframes.


Acoustic Design

TTM were responsible for assessing the acoustic requirements for the proposed residential apartments, taking into consideration the proximity to the rail corridor and Fairfield Road. The acoustic assessment was fully documented as part of the development application submitted  to Brisbane City Council.


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